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48 Hours in Canada - A How to Guide for a weekend trip North of the border

48 Hours in Canada - A How to Guide for a weekend trip North of the border

Niagara Falls and Toronto in 48 Hours! It can be done.

When I told my friends we were going to Canada for 48-hours they looked at me like I was crazy! Let’s be real. I get that look from my friends and family often.

When I told my husband and daughter, they were ready to go! They already know how we vacation. We like to Go-Go-Go! We try to get in as much as time allows. We often go home needing a vacation from our vacations.

It took me a little over a month to plan this trip. We decided to bring our daughters friend along for the trip and wanted to make sure we had enough planned for everyone to enjoy. The hotel we stayed in had a casino, so I knew that would be enough for hubby and me to enjoy in the evenings. Staying on the Canada side of Niagara Falls was ideal for the Teens. Clifton Hill is such a fun area for them.
We left home Friday morning. We stopped twice on the way up, for gas and snacks and a brief stretch.
By 3 PM we were getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge and enter Canada. We were checked in to the hotel by 4 PM and out an about in the beautiful Niagara Fall Area. We were starving so we went over to the Hard Rock and ate. Kylie and Brian wanted to do the boat on Niagara Experience so Nikki and I hit Clifton Hill while we waited. We took a bunch of photos and entered the countless souvenir shops. She got a HUGE ice cream cone.
Check out this video below for an idea of what there is to do at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

We were EXHAUSTED by the time sunset came.  The girls went swimming in the hotel pool and we went to do a quick stroll through the casino.  I did well for a change and left with some extra cash in my pocket.  We stopped by Pizza Hut on the way back to the hotel and picked up an assortment of personal mini pizzas for the room.  We went to bed excited about the next day.  A day trip to Toronto with plans to end the evening at Casa Loma.

We woke up the next day early to head up to Toronto.  The drive from Niagara falls took about 2 hours due to Saturday traffic to the city.

I signed the girls up for a class at The Underground Dance Center in Toronto.  I scheduled our day around the class.  We hit Toronto before noon.  We visited Graffiti Alley which is a must for amazing pictures of your 48 hours in Canada.

The girls really enjoyed their class at The Underground Dance Center Toronto.


After their dance class, we walked to our car and headed towards Casa Loma a few miles away. We figured we would park the car at the castle and walk around until we found some dinner. We walked over to Dupont Street which had some options for food. We ate at Madame Boeuf and Flea behind Bar Begonia on Dupont St. an outdoor patio/yard type establishment. Good Burgers and fries. Super expensive wine. Then we headed over back to Casa Loma.

Casa Loma Toronto

Casa Loma Toronto

The escape room experience at Casa Loma did not disappoint!

Check out their website.


They do recommend you do an evening experience to get the full mystery experience.  My daughter chose the Bootleggers experience.  It was such a fun time.  Casa Loma has a long and interesting history.  Do some research before you arrive to grasp the full concept of how cool this place is!  You are not allowed to photograph or record video inside for obvious reasons.

Our group escaped! We were told only 17% of participants successfully complete the challenge. There were 4 people in our party and the group held a total of 20 so we were paired up with another group.  We were lucky they were super nice and smart to boot!

Escape Casa Loma
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